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Living the life - Being a resident in Australia 

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Living in Australia

With its bustling cities, quiet country towns and wide-open spaces, Australia is a wonderfully diverse country to live in. You can choose the cooler climate of mountainous regions or the hot dry days of outback Australia. Or do what many others do and settle for something in-between like the eastern seaboard, where the daytime temperatures winter to summer mainly stay between 14C-33C.

Once settled in your choice of region and climate, you can look around for something to do. A hobby or interest in the great outdoors will make the most of the climate. What you choose will depend on your fitness levels and whether you are a team person or prefer individual pursuits. Most towns have their share of team sports from tennis or croquet and lawn bowls to netball; golf or footy to netball or cricket. It’s not hard to front up and put your name down for a team.

Family or individuals pursuits can be different again. If you own a 4WD you could consider going off-road to explore the countryside. Joining a 4WD club will start you off safely, and then you can branch out on your own or with other friends. Remember to take your GPS and mobile phone as well as extra food and water in case of breakdowns.

Horse riding is another outdoor pursuit that offers anyone interested in it a chance to not only enjoy a day’s horse ride but see firsthand some of the beautiful scenery Australia has to offer. Horse rides can be as short or as long as you desire. Some extended rides take several days with camping along the way. These provide a fun way for kids and adults alike to learn how to look after their horse and develop riding skills and stamina.

Cycling is a great way to see the sights of city, town or country, with many bike trails through accessible areas of national parks as well as easier riding around the parks of cities. You can hire a bicycle in many areas, but taking your own is fun too. The wildlife park at Dubbo has bicycles for hire so that visitors can cycle around the several kilometers of tracks to view the animals. Some even tow covered baby carriages, so the little ones don’t get tired.

Walking is a great way to get fit and experience wildlife and scenery up close. National parks all have walking trails of various grades so that even if you are not fit, you can choose an easy trail to amble along without getting too tired. Many have now constructed overhead walkways so that the shy ground animals need not be disturbed. They can also be viewed without being frightened away.

No mention of outdoor pursuits would be complete without mentioning Australia’s favorite national pastime of swimming. With fantastic beaches stretching for kilometers on all sides, there is no excuse for most of the population not to swim. Those towns that are inland will nearly always have wonderful swimming pools - some even have heated pools for the cooler weather or climate. So no matter what kind of outdoor activity you would like to pursue, you are sure to be able to find it somewhere in Australia.