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States & Territories of Australia 

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States of Australia

Australia is dividied up into a number of States and Territories, in the article we will cover the main regions and  provide links to some further information.

Essentially, Australia is broken down into

The regions came about because of the gradual build up of the country from being first settled by westerners in 1788, with borders changing over the years before settling into their current positions.

State Facts

  • Western Australia is the largest state, covering a massive area, almost as large as India at over 2.5 million square kilometres with a population of just 2 million.
  • New South Wales was the first state settled, in 1788.
  • Up until 1856 Tasmania was know as Van Diemen's Land.
  •  Technically the Northern Territory is not a state.  This is because it has its own parliament and government.
  • The State capital of Queensland - Brisbane, is the fifth largest city by area in the world, but only has a population of 1.9 million.