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Find Accommodation along Your Selected Route (Beta)

Welcome to WildDownUnder.com's accommodation route planner.

This unique tool allows you find accommodation along the route of your journey around Australia. Whether it's a weekend break or a mammoth road trip, you can use our tool to find accommodation that isn't far off your soon to be beaten track.

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Select two or more points to calculate a journey between by clicking on two or more points on the map.



  • Click find your starting point on the map and click to place a marker.
  • Then click on any additional locations you are travelling through or to.
  • When you're complete click the "generate journey" button and your accommodation options will be displayed.
  • The route can calculate up to a maximum of 800kms intervals, so try and break your journey down as it will be more accurate that way.
  • This is a BETA application and we're continually updating and improving it. If you have any problems or suggestions on how to impove it please let us know by clicking here.