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Australian Lizards - Lizards and Reptiles of Australia 

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Eastern Water Dragon - (Physignathus lesuerii)

The Eastern Water Dragon is a medium-sized, semiaquatic lizard found on the east coast of Australia. 
Conservation Status: Not Threatened 

Estuarine or Salt-Water Crocodile - (Crocodylus porosus)

Estaurine or Salt-water Crocodiles are the largest reptiles in the world and are found in both fresh and salt water. They are common in Australia and are extremely dangerous. So, don't get too c 
Conservation Status: Not Threatened 

Freshwater Crocodile - (Crocodylus johnstoni)

The freshwater crocodile is a comparatively small crocodile found along northern coast of Australia in trpoical wetlands. They are light brown and have dark bands along their abdomen and tail. 
Conservation Status: Not Threatened 

Lace Monitor - (Varanus varius)

Conservation Status:  

Land Mullet - (Egernia major)

Conservation Status:  

Perentie - (Varanus giganteus)

A Perentie is a very large monitor lizard found in central and western Australia. 
Conservation Status: Not Threatened 

Thorny Devil (lizard) - (Moloch horridus)

A small, spike-covered lizard found in arid areas throughout Australia. Very unique-looking! 
Conservation Status: Not Threatened 

Western Blue-Tongued Lizard - (Tiliqua occipitalis)

The Western Blue-Tongued Lizard is alarge skink found predominantly in Western Australia.  
Conservation Status: Not Threatened