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Australian Snakes 

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Australian Snakes

Australia has an eclectic mix of snakes of wondrous variety.  From giant tree dwelling pythons in the Tropical Rainforests of the Pacific North East, to small rarely seen blind snakes that live in the earth in the heart of the continent, Australia has it all.

Famed for the strength and array of different venoms that Aussie snakes posses, this often takes centre stage in the eyes of the public, rather than the sheer variety and amazing distribution of snakes around the continent.  Snakes are found just about everywhere here, from baking deserts, isolated islands, cool temperate forests and in the Northern tropics.  The amazing fact though is if you take a walk in the bush, it’s very difficult to actually spot one, let alone get bitten by one. 

The famous snakes are those that have the strongest venom of any land snake on earth,  yet they very rarely cause any fatalities, especially since antivenin(antivenom) has been invented.


The list of most remembered Australia snakes includes:



Common Brown Snake

All along the eastern coast and inland through arid centre stretching to North Western Australia

King Brown (Mulga Snake)

Virtually all of Australia except Southern Victoria and Tasmania.

Taipan (genus of large Venomous snakes)

Arid and Hot parts of Central and Northern Australia

Death Adder

Virtually all of Australia except Southern Victoria and Tasmania

Australian Copperhead

Temperate South and Eastern Australia.  Only Australian snake found above the Mountain snowline in the Australian Alps.

Tiger snake (and variants)

Southern and Coastal Areas of Australia

Red-Bellied Black Snake

Woodlands and even urban areas of Eastern Australia

 Virtually all Australian snakes are shy creatures that will do their utmost to keep out of your way, make enough noise and you’ll never see a live snake in your life as they’ll feel your vibrations and head for cover long before you ever arrive. 

If you do come across a snake the thing to do is not try and touch it, there are so many different species of snake and those snakes experience such a wide array of colours and markings that it’s very difficult to positively identify a specific species of snake so the best thing to do is leave them all well alone.   If you stay still and let the snake go where it wants to go then you’ll be in no danger what so ever.  If said snake decides it wants to go in your direction either step quietly aside or simple let it glide past you, so long as you don’t make any sudden movements it wont treat you as a threat and will pass by harmlessly.